Sunday, October 22, 2006

مش عاوز استحماااااااااااااا

I have a feeling I can spend hours delineating the many overt and covert meanings at play here...but mostly I'd like to know why they're so determined to give him a bath, and why he's so adamant against it?! Is it perhaps not a bath at all and they're going to drown him in broad daylight, and if so, would the egret in the background be considered an accomplice if he doesn't notify the police?


gayyash said...

mish momken di tkoon masr. yemken dubai aw 7aga, bas di mish masr. donkey afraid of water or maybe just scared by the slope of the ter3a-bank. the guy on the right, do you think he's barefoot? ya3.

Forsoothsayer said...

is that guy....naked in bublic keda? min emta?!

Jester said...

How dirty do you think a donkey needs to get for a guy who's willing to strip into a ter3a to decide to give it a bath?

gayyash said...

maybe the donkey needed to perform ghusl, specifically.

Anonymous said...

you are doing mind blowing work .
keep it up

p.s. if u get more pictures like the naked man in public one add them. I THINK IN THE SAME WAY AS U>>>>>>> A1